10 Details to Provide Your Private Investigator

Get the best results for your case with these top 10 details to provide your investigator

What does a private investigator do? How do I know when to hire one? Will he be able to help me? How do I help the investigator? What details will I give him?

People often hire private investigators for a number of reasons. Some need one for personal help while others for business help. Most often, this includes obtaining information on the whereabouts, identity, conduct or credibility of a person or company; conducting background searches; having someone followed to see if the spouse is committing infidelity or not.

Although the private investigator is an expert in his field, the client must cooperate with the investigator by providing vital information about the subject. Here are top 10 details to provide your investigator to get the best results for your case or situation.

Personal Information. You must inform your investigator the subject’s vital information like name, gender, nationality, weight, height, civil status, work, home address, work address and others.

Assumptions. Tell your investigator possible assumptions regarding the case. Help your investigator develop the Storyboard and Root Cause Analysis charts. Challenge any assumptions which jump out at you.

Culprit. Share to your investigator the possible culprit for the crime or incident. Let the investigator sketch the face and note distinguishing marks. Mention possible whereabouts of the suspect.

Errors. Be straightforward. Tell your investigators possible errors in interpreting the incident. Discuss and argue with the facts or information gathered.

Immediate Cause. Inform your investigator the immediate case of the incident. Tell him to dig the root cause of the incident. What could have been the motive for the crime?

Evidences. Provide your investigator with tangible evidences that you possess. Whether they are printed material or scanned documents, you need to show all these to your investigator.

Time. You must inform your investigator the time on or about the incident happened.

Place. Mention to your investigator the exact location of the incident. If you cannot give the accurate place, then ask the guidance of your investigator to locate the place and conduct private investigation services.

Witness. Refer your Ohio investigators to possible witnesses who can give first hand testimonials and can testify in court. You can also ask expert witnesses like doctors, accountants and engineers.

Motive. What could be the possible motive? You should narrate this to your investigator.

Indeed, there are very important and confidential details that you should give to your private investigator to get the best results for the case.