Case Study


Large manufacturing operation, providing critical mobility parts to a multi-national transportation business.
PROBLEM: QC inspectors rejecting unacceptable numbers of products prior to shipment. Client employing 120 full-time hourly laborers & 15-30 seasonal part-timers. 2 trained Investigators were placed on 1st & 2nd shifts, for approximately 11 months. After completing a normal probationary period of time, the Investigators became accepted by their co-workers in accordance with their ‘Cover’ Back Stories as having relocated to area, following former employers bankruptcy & plant closure. Investigators wrote detailed daily reports. These were sent to client & periodic face to face meetings held with Company HR & Plant Managers.
RESULTS: Investigation revealed a significant number of workers involved in use & trafficking of illegal controlled substances, while on the job. Favoritism by supervisors that condoned undesirable activity in the interest of meeting their customers demands for higher levels of productivity & delivery of finished product. Theft of valuable scrap materials revealed.
CONCLUSION: Identified employees were interviewed regarding their participation in irregularities. Workers who were cooperative & gave statements were offered a company Diversion & Rehabilitation Program, then returned to the workforce. Workers implicated in theft of company assets were arrested & prosecuted. Some agreed to cooperate with investigators, made full restitution in Lieu of Prosecution.
END RESULT: Morale within clients facility greatly improved. Clients profits went up as QC of products improved. Increased customer satisfaction resulted in several new contracts & business opportunities.
SAVINGS: Estimated far in excess of $500,000 over next year.