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Top 10 Details that Private Investigators Will Need from You

Top 10 Details to Provide Your Investigator to Get the Best Results for Your CaseProviding your private investigator with all the details that he needs is key to getting the best results for your case in Ohio. This is contrary to what we see in the movies wherein investigators take care of everything. In real life, you have to give him most of the information. This will not only save you a lot of time, money and effort, but more importantly, help you win your case.

Think of your details as pieces of a large jigsaw, with your private investigator as the puzzle solver. If you give him everything that he needs, he can no doubt put the jigsaw puzzle together, take note of the missing pieces to facilitate solution of your case.

What details does your private investigator need? Here they are:

  1. Your personal details. Upon hiring your private investigator, you will be given a form which you need to fill out accordingly. Be honest. The only way they can help you is by knowing the truth about you and your transactions.
  2. Your legal capacity. Your Ohio Private Investigators will need to know if you have the rights to enter certain contracts.
  3. Your mental state. It is very important to recall and detail the events that occurred before the crime or situation. Were you conscious of your actions? Do you know who committed the crime? Sharing this with your private investigator might enable him to create the right plan of action.
  4. Your whereabouts. You have to tell investigators where you were when the crime or situation happened. This will shed light to your case and help you win.
  5. The people involved in the crime or instance. Who were you with? What happened to that person? Where do you think he is right now? Remember that your private investigators need to cover all bases – including the possible whereabouts of the people you were with because they might be able to provide some valuable information about the crime.
  6. The manner by which you were arrested. Did the authorities force you to sign any document? Were you read your rights?
  7. Your side of the story. Be straightforward. Tell the people conducting private investigations the why, what, where, when, who and how based on your side of the story.
  8. The possible motive. Do you think the crime was a plot to frame you? What could be the possible reason behind the crime?
  9. Your pertinent records. Yes, this is the time when you need your most important documents – birth certificate, social security, etc. in some cases, even your bank and credit records might be necessary.
  10. Possible evidence. Were you accused of embezzlement? Then show any record you possess that prove your innocence. Private investigation services might be able to use those as evidence in court.

With the right details, your private investigators might be able to help you win your case.

10 Details to Provide Your Private Investigator

Get the best results for your case with these top 10 details to provide your investigator

What does a private investigator do? How do I know when to hire one? Will he be able to help me? How do I help the investigator? What details will I give him?

People often hire private investigators for a number of reasons. Some need one for personal help while others for business help. Most often, this includes obtaining information on the whereabouts, identity, conduct or credibility of a person or company; conducting background searches; having someone followed to see if the spouse is committing infidelity or not.

Although the private investigator is an expert in his field, the client must cooperate with the investigator by providing vital information about the subject. Here are top 10 details to provide your investigator to get the best results for your case or situation.

Personal Information. You must inform your investigator the subject’s vital information like name, gender, nationality, weight, height, civil status, work, home address, work address and others.

Assumptions. Tell your investigator possible assumptions regarding the case. Help your investigator develop the Storyboard and Root Cause Analysis charts. Challenge any assumptions which jump out at you.

Culprit. Share to your investigator the possible culprit for the crime or incident. Let the investigator sketch the face and note distinguishing marks. Mention possible whereabouts of the suspect.

Errors. Be straightforward. Tell your investigators possible errors in interpreting the incident. Discuss and argue with the facts or information gathered.

Immediate Cause. Inform your investigator the immediate case of the incident. Tell him to dig the root cause of the incident. What could have been the motive for the crime?

Evidences. Provide your investigator with tangible evidences that you possess. Whether they are printed material or scanned documents, you need to show all these to your investigator.

Time. You must inform your investigator the time on or about the incident happened.

Place. Mention to your investigator the exact location of the incident. If you cannot give the accurate place, then ask the guidance of your investigator to locate the place and conduct private investigation services.

Witness. Refer your Ohio investigators to possible witnesses who can give first hand testimonials and can testify in court. You can also ask expert witnesses like doctors, accountants and engineers.

Motive. What could be the possible motive? You should narrate this to your investigator.

Indeed, there are very important and confidential details that you should give to your private investigator to get the best results for the case.

What Makes Security Guards From PI Companies Different?


You might think that security guards, in general, are the same. But what sets them apart is how and where they are trained, as well as the level of expertise that they have.

If you are thinking of getting a security detail for whatever purpose, you might want to consider hiring one from a private investigator Ohio company. This is because the mere training that comes from a private investigation company alone is what sets these security personnel apart form those that come from security agencies.

For one, they have a more specific training that goes beyond the physical and knowing how to respond during crisis situations. Those that are from a private investigation company have a more intellectual approach that’s well balanced with their knowledge of physical response to different circumstances. In addition, it’s much easier to have a customized security detail that’s suitable to your needs if you get them from a PI company. And instead of merely knowing how to react, they would also know how to be proactive in dealing with scenarios that might potentially put you or your business at risk.

Importance of Private Investigation in Preventing Insurance Fraud


While most insurance companies have harnessed the skill of identifying suspicious insurance claims, there’s still a lot of room for error that could lead to a successful insurance fraud. This is where the expertise of a private investigator is needed.

Whether there is reason to believe that there is a suspected fraudulent activity or not, a private investigator can thoroughly verify a claim and its credibility. They will make use of several analytical techniques in studying the information handed by the claimant before coming up with a substantial report. This report shall be the basis for insurance companies in granting the insurance claim or calling out the claimant on their fraud.

Following up on claims are included in the line of services that a private investigation company offers. More often than not, insurance companies don’t have enough manpower to do such extensive investigating and would need a reliable third-party to come in and mediate. And the best part of it is how all of these investigations and technical observations can be done without the claimant ever noticing. This will be beneficial in pointing out and catching fraudulent perpetrators, which would save insurance companies from incurring losses.

Private Investigators: What Can They Do for Your Business Acquisitions

Why Do You Need Private Investigators When Acquiring a Business

To many business owners, private investigation services are only needed for litigation purposes. Certain employees or managers, for example, can be subject to private investigations, if they are suspected of theft or harassment.

But private investigators can do more for a business owner like you. You can use their skills, experience and expertise to conduct due diligence when buying a business.

During this stage, the seller will provide you copies of essential company documents, financial records, and others, thus giving you the chance to review the business before buying it.

Of course, hiring a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a lawyer is a good idea, as he can explain to you the intricacies of the deal, in terms of finances. But for other things, like the reputation of the business and its owner, you will need a private investigator.

A CPA or a lawyer will only work with the documents you provide them with – contracts, financial statements, etc. Ohio investigators, on the other hand, can visit the business site and do on-spot inspections (if the business is located in Ohio or nearby states), collect information (if necessary) or interview employees or people near the vicinity.


Why Should You Hire a Private Investigator to Verify Insurance Claims?

Why Should You Hire a Private Investigator to Verify Insurance Claims

Insurance fraud can happen to any employer, no matter how honest and generous an employee may seem to be. Sometimes unhappy or desperate employees will sue their former employer in court with the hopes of getting worker’s compensation for a staged incident, or even harassment.

Of course, suspicions are not enough to make law enforcement and courts believe that fraud has taken place. However, gathering evidence and interviewing people who are involved in the crime (either directly or indirectly) takes a lot of time, effort and patience. Not to mention the huge amount of money required for building a case against the accused.

To make everything easier for you, hire a licensed private investigator. They know the necessary steps to take in order to facilitate car accident investigations, theft claims or worker’s compensation claims.

Private investigators have the necessary contacts that can provide them with the necessary records or resource persons to build a solid case against your former employee. Their reports and testimonies, having the backing of research and solid evidence, can and will be considered in court.

Don’t sit back and watch the clean record of your company be ruined when you can do something about it? Contact the nearest private investigator in your area and pursue the recommended course you have to take regarding insurance fraud.


Benefits of Hiring Security for Your Business


In this day and age, safety and protection has become a prerequisite for business establishments. It’s true that it often means an added expense on the part of business owners, but it’s the equivalent of peace of mind and the overall well being of there staff and of their business.

Sense of Security

This is the main reason behind hiring security guard services for a business. It’s particularly more relevant for establishments that do business in finance, art, jewelry, high end electronics or are in high risk areas. Not only will it ease the worries of the business owner and employees, but more importantly so, that of the customers that are frequenting the establishment.

Crime Prevention

Even with the right deterrent technology in place, there’s nothing better than having an actual security guard that makes a presence at the forefront of the business to discourage criminals from trying to even attempt at creating a problem. Also, guards are well trained in gauging and identifying suspicious behavior on the surrounding premises and can prevent it from even occurring without alerting employees and customers.

Monitor & Surveillance

It’s not always about active duty for security guards. Some are also specifically trained to handle the behind-the-scenes aspect of maintaining safety through monitoring and surveillance. Besides video surveillance, they also have the job of ensuring safety even after closing hours and before business each day as well.

Customer Service

Security guards can also do more than just stand and be static on an everyday basis. They also serve as ambassadors for your business. For example, you can see security professionals everyday in shopping centers, schools and movie theaters and it’s become a normal occurrence for customers to approach them and ask for directions to specific spots within the establishment. If you hire security guards that are not only highly trained in the protection aspect, but that are also personable and educated in communication and public interaction as well, it could serve as double duty.

A quality local security company isn’t hard to find. Unlike before, when the concept of getting private security protection was seen as a luxury meant for the rich and famous, more and more companies now offer affordable security guard services that can be tailored to a client’s specific needs. An initial consultation to have an idea of the estimate costs and the exact requirements that will be needed from the security detail takes little time and at the end of the day remember you can’t put a price on your safety and peace of mind.

Social Media for Private Investigator Use


Social media has paved the way for private investigators to gain more access to information that benefits their field of expertise. Besides Facebook and Twitter, there is a multitude of other platforms that are considered viable options for PIs to do their work, such as LinkedIn, personal blogs, etcetera. But what really are the advantages of the rise of social media for private investigation?

Availability of Personal Information

Background checks are done so much easier now thanks to social media. While not all information posted on these platforms can be considered as valid and accurate, PIs would still be able to unearth relevant information that can be of valuable use. This only gets easier since more and more people nowadays are going online and exposing themselves and their private life now more than ever—some even to the level of self incrimination.

Network Availability

Say for example a PI isn’t able to gather as much background information on a certain person based on their social media presence. What they could do is to widen their scope and aim for the network and connections of that person instead. The public is connected in one way or another across the internet and even more so with various social media platforms. There’s no dead end when it comes to finding even just a single, accurate, and usable piece of information within the profile of a person’s social media account.

Easier Monitoring

Besides gathering background data on a person, PIs could also make use of social media to do monitoring. This proves to be important since information on these platforms is so often changed, updated, and even deleted. Tracking a person’s footprint has never been easier since most people leave a very noticeable digital footprint all over the internet nowadays.

It’s no secret that even ordinary people can easily acquire information off social media networks as well. However, when it comes to legal proceedings, it’s still recommended to let a professional private investigator handle the actual research and retrieval of detailed usable information. Most PI firms have adapted to the ever-changing digital world and are well versed in knowing the legalities of these matters, as well as the ins and outs of what can and cannot be used. After all what you really want is viable information not filler.  Search for a reliable firm that has an extensive and diverse set of investigations that will cater to your specific situation or case.


Are All Private Investigator’s Findings Considered as Admissible Evidence In Court?


More and more people are enlisting the professional help of a private investigator to assist them with very important personal matters, which might be of use for court proceedings as well. And through various cases, especially pertaining to divorce and fraud hearings, the information provided by private investigation lends to a more powerful case. But are all of the findings of a private investigator valid for use in court?

Are Such Findings Admissible in Court?

The first thing to understand about private investigators is that they are private citizens and therefore not governed by the Fourth Amendment. This means that whatever information they gather through legal means can be considered as admissible evidence in court proceedings. It is true that PIs do have better means and techniques in which they acquire information, but it is done without violating any law. In other words, they can easily be seen as any other eyewitness with more in-depth accounts and testimonies from a legal standpoint.

When Does Information/Evidence Become Illegal?

Take note that while evidence presented by PIs can be admissible in court, not all of it is legal—especially those acquired while breaking the law. Instances wherein a PI taps a phone line, installs hidden cameras and so on, would have been considered as evidence acquired illegally and would not be admissible in court. However, if the people being monitored were conversing in public and a PI appears to eavesdrop on the conversation to gather information, then that would have been acceptable because the people involved don’t have an expectation of privacy.

Private investigators are not above the law. Once PIs have been proven to take on illegal means to get evidence, then not only would they lose credibility, they would also get into trouble with the law as well. A good and reliable private investigator must have the proper resources and means to acquire the required information, as well as the integrity while doing so.

What Are the Advantages of Private Investigators?

But then again you may ask, if they’re just considered as regular private citizens, why even hire them in the first place? There are four reasons for doing so: anonymity, time, freedom, and experience. Some of which you may have, but you may also lack the other important components.

For one, people you want to be observed and followed would find you suspicious had you done it yourself. PIs have the uncanny ability to look like an uninterested third party regardless of the situation and circumstances, which is beneficial for when they gather top-secret information. PIs have the time to do investigating because it’s what they do for a living. If you need someone followed around all day, a regular person wouldn’t really have the time and resources for it, but PIs can give it their full attention. Investigators also have more freedom in comparison to officials bound by the legal system. Police officers need warrants; attorneys also have codes of conduct to strictly adhere to as well. And lastly, private investigators are hired primarily for their experience. They are trained in the area and are less likely prone to commit any non-professional errors that might negatively affect a delicate situation, such as a court case.

Should You Hire A Private Investigator?

Now the question is, should you actually hire a private investigator for your situation? If it is of crucial importance to you and the court proceeding you’re involved in, then do consider investing in a professional private investigation company. If you’re not too sure about it, you can easily approach one and seek out a free consultation first just to have an estimate of what needs to be done and how much you should expect to pay the services.

Private Investigator: When to hire

Private Investigator_To Hire or Not to Hire

It is not difficult to understand why some people hesitate to hire a private investigator? Is it lack of knowledge or do they trust their instincts, research on their own, gather the documents that they need and try to resolve their issues by themselves.


Most PI cases commonly revolve around:

Once people gathered what they deem are important documents, they take it to the clerk of court and file a case against the person or people who they are up against. They feel that they have a strong case with all the records that “prove” their claims.

Unfortunately, this is not how the justice system works. Once you file a case, all your documents will be marked as exhibits. If you, however, unknowingly submitted documents that are not legally considered, illegally procured, or lacking in substance, your dreams of winning your case will backfire on you. More often than not, the court will decide to dismiss your case for lack of evidence or for being improperly prepared. Thus, all your painstaking efforts and months, even years of data gathering will amount to nothing.

How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

A private investigator can:

  • Save you a great deal of time. Highly trained and well-experienced PI’s can gather all the evidence you need in just a fraction of the time it would take you. They can gain access to resources that you could never access no matter what you do. It’s because they have connections and informers that help them do what they do as easily and efficiently as possible.
  • Save you from possible lawsuits. Experts from topnotch private investigation firms know the law like the back of their hand. As such, they can gather evidence, whether in the form of documents, audio or video files, all while obtaining them legally. They know which evidences to present in court and can advise you on what to do to make your case stronger.
  • Protect your assets. Your assets may be compromised when your ex-spouse, for example, digs deep into your records then claims that a certain property should be included in the divorce settlement. It can also be in danger when an identity thief gets hold of your documents by using his “creative and innovative” techniques. In the first case, your PI can prove that your property does not fall under what should be legally divided between divorcees. In the latter, he can advice you on which agencies to contact to block further withdrawals or purchases.
  • Give you peace of mind. You get all the necessary information to back up your case while you work at your office or stay at home with your children. Isn’t this a faster and easier way to get the peace of mind that you need?

Do you really need to hire a PI? You be the judge.