Looking for the Right Private Investigator


When the thought of considering hiring a private investigator you are already aware that there is a need for one. However, regardless of how emotional you are, it’s important to really consider all aspects of hiring a PI to assist you in your personal matters—especially if it involves court proceedings. Here are some tips to consider before you hire a professional private investigation company:

Look for the License

Private investigators need to have a license issued by the state they are doing business in. PI’s are not above the law and therefore should strictly adhere to a code of conduct, especially if there are special laws in a specific county or state. Always ask for their license to prove not only their credibility, but also of their experience and the validity of the services they offer.

In addition to the license, also seek out their proof of liability insurance. Given the nature of the work that they do, it may be inevitable for them to run into some trouble while working. Ask for their certificate of insurance to ensure that they’re covered every step of the way.

References and Proofs of Sample Work

It’s important to request their references, recommendations, and proof of past work. Experience is everything in this field and you deserve nothing less than exemplary and flawless execution that can truly deliver solid results, especially if you’re in the middle of such a delicate case like divorce or fraud. It would even be more beneficial if possible to get actual references from their past clients as well. However anonymity is key in most cases and may prevent you for past client contact.

Common Methods Employed

There are different methods that PIs use for surveillance. There are many grey areas in such methods and you have to make sure that the PI you’re about to hire abides by the law at all costs. The last thing you want to do is to  lose a case altogether because of the method that your PI has used. Have a clear-cut conversation as to what actions they recommend for your case upon consultation to give you an idea of the scope of activities that will be done in your case.

Sign a Contract

In order to avoid any possible problems that may arise from you hiring a private investigator, be sure to ask for a solid and clear contract upon hiring them. Know what you’re hiring them for and what you expect in return. This will also prevent you from incurring hidden costs throughout the investigation by having your agreed terms printed in black and white.

Incorporating Social Media with Private Investigation Techniques

Social Media, Priority Investiagtion Associates

The onset of the digital age has affected and changed the way private investigators operate on a larger scale. Back in the day, gathering viable information for a case consisted of private investigators going out into the field and pounding the pavement to get what they needed. But nowadays, they can do the initial—or even the bulk of their research while sitting down in front of their computers.

Social media has become a powerful tool for private investigators, primarily since it has become a means for people to openly express themselves and be seen instantly and by everyone in their circle and beyond. Sometimes, PI’s won’t even have to leave their office to gather the right information because it is often readily available with just a few clicks. Because of this, social media is now considered to be one of the most important sources of information—although it is important to know that not all information you find online is legitimate and valid. This is precisely why a professional is still needed if you are looking for accurate and detailed information, especially if it is to be used in legal matters and proceedings.

Everyone is Online

Even less than tech savvy people can easily find almost everyone online, whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform. Almost everything that goes on in people’s lives nowadays can be easily tracked online—it’s just a matter of how deep and how detailed the information needed is. There really is no stopping the growth and availability of information online and a person’s digital footprint will soon eradicate the importance of actual footprints for PI’s.

Different Perception on Privacy

With the widespread use and influence of social media, today’s generation sees privacy in a whole new light as well. There’s a consistent lack of concern regarding the amount of personal information being shared with the public to such point that it often leads to self incrimination. Even when this information is set to “private,” it is still vulnerable to being accessed by a professional.

Networking and Background Research

There are different types of information that a private investigator can obtain from the Internet. Since almost everyone is online, every single user is connected to other users in one way or another. In the instances that a PI isn’t able to fully gather background information regarding a certain person, they can easily turn to that persons network instead. This will give them clues or hints and sometimes even direct answers, in relation to the matter that a certain person being investigated is connected to.

The world of social media has opened up a whole new avenue for private investigators to further their surveillance techniques. While you may think that it’s just about Twitter and Facebook, think again, because the online world is a vast place from which professional investigators can extract viable case winning information.

If you are in need of professional assistance for a case or for other legal reasons, then we highly recommended researching a reliable private investigator regarding your case and the information you need. There are several types of investigations that can be done on your behalf that are guaranteed to be accurate and valid. The first step is finding the right person.


Why You Need a Private Investigator?

Priority Investigations AgencyFor most of us, the need for a private investigator only becomes necessary when our friends or loved ones become the unfortunate targets of criminals like murderers, kidnappers, molesters or rapists. But did you know that this type of investigation has a wide variety of applications that can provide you with multiple benefits?

The Role of Private Investigators

PI’s have developed different skill sets that enable them to do their jobs effectively in a shorter period of time. They are stealthy, cunning and resourceful. They understand that some cases may put their lives on the line. Most importantly, they are aware of the legality of their every move.

Private Investigators can help you with the following:

Insurance Fraud

In 2006, the Coalition against Insurance Fraud estimated that the United States lost approximately $80 billion due to fraudulent claims in healthcare, business and other forms of insurance policies. This has caused insurance companies to contest each claim that they deem are suspicious.

Not when you hire good private investigation firms. They employ experts who are highly-trained and skilled at using different techniques to prove that your claims are legal and valid. They can also expose the identity of the person who is using your insurance to claim benefits that are supposedly yours.

Child custody cases

The high rate of divorce has left many couples battling for the custody of their children, especially if they feel that their erstwhile spouses or their current partners are abusing their little ones.

A good private investigator has the necessary equipment and techniques that he or she can use in order to obtain documents, videos or even audio recordings of the alleged abuse to a child. He or she can dig into records to find evidence of a suspect’s malicious or criminal acts, both reported and unreported. His testimony in court proceedings has more bearing than that of the accused parent.

Identity theft

If you think that identity theft only happens to the rich and famous, think again. In the US alone, an identity is stolen every two seconds.  It can happen to rock stars, dentists, models or even ordinary homemakers. Sadly, if you are a victim, you stand to lose your reputation, lower your credit scores or your hard-earned savings.

Identity theft PI’s can tell you what agencies to notify to prevent the thief from withdrawing from your bank or purchasing with your credit cards. They can identify IP addresses of computers and furnish technical reports which you can submit to the police for the facilitation of your case.

Why Should You Need a Private InvestigatorDivorce & family law investigation

Do you feel that you are being ripped off by a spouse who claims that she’s never cheated on you even after your divorce? A private investigator can put her under surveillance to learn if she is indeed, single and busy taking care of your children. Otherwise, your PI can gather all the information you need to strengthen your case against her claims for alimony.  Your PI can also get data about your children’s status and safety.

Sexual harassment claims

Whether you are the one being harassed or accused of doing sexual advances or asking for sexual favors in exchange for a more stable position at work, sexual harassment claims can be both degrading and humiliating.

But due to the sensitivity surrounding this issue, some victims do not come out in the open lest their harassers (often superiors) terminate them for their current employment. On the other hand, the one who is accused may be imprisoned and be required to pay the victim huge sums of money for the latter’s past, present and future lost wages.

A good private investigator knows how to deal with such cases as confidentially as possible with a combination of advanced technology and conventional investigative methods.

Missing Persons

Why are private investigators more successful at finding missing persons? Even with the same advancements in technology, the police, burdened by an influx of civil and criminal cases on a daily basis, have to pause their search due to the lack of time, manpower and resources. The sad fact is that there are more than 800,000 missing persons annually, and a huge percentage of that number is made up of minors.

Whether the person you are looking for left willingly, taken forcibly or simply got lost in a crowded area, a private investigator has innovative ways of finding him or her. He can enter “secret” hideouts of underground organizations with the help of his connections or install gadgets in what he suspects as the missing person’s hideaway.

A private investigation firm can help you prove your innocence, strengthen your claims and provide you with all the information that you need to ensure that you get the peace of mind that you rightfully deserve.

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