Private Investigator: When to hire

Private Investigator_To Hire or Not to Hire

It is not difficult to understand why some people hesitate to hire a private investigator? Is it lack of knowledge or do they trust their instincts, research on their own, gather the documents that they need and try to resolve their issues by themselves.


Most PI cases commonly revolve around:

Once people gathered what they deem are important documents, they take it to the clerk of court and file a case against the person or people who they are up against. They feel that they have a strong case with all the records that “prove” their claims.

Unfortunately, this is not how the justice system works. Once you file a case, all your documents will be marked as exhibits. If you, however, unknowingly submitted documents that are not legally considered, illegally procured, or lacking in substance, your dreams of winning your case will backfire on you. More often than not, the court will decide to dismiss your case for lack of evidence or for being improperly prepared. Thus, all your painstaking efforts and months, even years of data gathering will amount to nothing.

How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

A private investigator can:

  • Save you a great deal of time. Highly trained and well-experienced PI’s can gather all the evidence you need in just a fraction of the time it would take you. They can gain access to resources that you could never access no matter what you do. It’s because they have connections and informers that help them do what they do as easily and efficiently as possible.
  • Save you from possible lawsuits. Experts from topnotch private investigation firms know the law like the back of their hand. As such, they can gather evidence, whether in the form of documents, audio or video files, all while obtaining them legally. They know which evidences to present in court and can advise you on what to do to make your case stronger.
  • Protect your assets. Your assets may be compromised when your ex-spouse, for example, digs deep into your records then claims that a certain property should be included in the divorce settlement. It can also be in danger when an identity thief gets hold of your documents by using his “creative and innovative” techniques. In the first case, your PI can prove that your property does not fall under what should be legally divided between divorcees. In the latter, he can advice you on which agencies to contact to block further withdrawals or purchases.
  • Give you peace of mind. You get all the necessary information to back up your case while you work at your office or stay at home with your children. Isn’t this a faster and easier way to get the peace of mind that you need?

Do you really need to hire a PI? You be the judge.