Private Investigators: What Can They Do for Your Business Acquisitions

Why Do You Need Private Investigators When Acquiring a Business

To many business owners, private investigation services are only needed for litigation purposes. Certain employees or managers, for example, can be subject to private investigations, if they are suspected of theft or harassment.

But private investigators can do more for a business owner like you. You can use their skills, experience and expertise to conduct due diligence when buying a business.

During this stage, the seller will provide you copies of essential company documents, financial records, and others, thus giving you the chance to review the business before buying it.

Of course, hiring a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a lawyer is a good idea, as he can explain to you the intricacies of the deal, in terms of finances. But for other things, like the reputation of the business and its owner, you will need a private investigator.

A CPA or a lawyer will only work with the documents you provide them with – contracts, financial statements, etc. Ohio investigators, on the other hand, can visit the business site and do on-spot inspections (if the business is located in Ohio or nearby states), collect information (if necessary) or interview employees or people near the vicinity.