Social Media for Private Investigator Use


Social media has paved the way for private investigators to gain more access to information that benefits their field of expertise. Besides Facebook and Twitter, there is a multitude of other platforms that are considered viable options for PIs to do their work, such as LinkedIn, personal blogs, etcetera. But what really are the advantages of the rise of social media for private investigation?

Availability of Personal Information

Background checks are done so much easier now thanks to social media. While not all information posted on these platforms can be considered as valid and accurate, PIs would still be able to unearth relevant information that can be of valuable use. This only gets easier since more and more people nowadays are going online and exposing themselves and their private life now more than ever—some even to the level of self incrimination.

Network Availability

Say for example a PI isn’t able to gather as much background information on a certain person based on their social media presence. What they could do is to widen their scope and aim for the network and connections of that person instead. The public is connected in one way or another across the internet and even more so with various social media platforms. There’s no dead end when it comes to finding even just a single, accurate, and usable piece of information within the profile of a person’s social media account.

Easier Monitoring

Besides gathering background data on a person, PIs could also make use of social media to do monitoring. This proves to be important since information on these platforms is so often changed, updated, and even deleted. Tracking a person’s footprint has never been easier since most people leave a very noticeable digital footprint all over the internet nowadays.

It’s no secret that even ordinary people can easily acquire information off social media networks as well. However, when it comes to legal proceedings, it’s still recommended to let a professional private investigator handle the actual research and retrieval of detailed usable information. Most PI firms have adapted to the ever-changing digital world and are well versed in knowing the legalities of these matters, as well as the ins and outs of what can and cannot be used. After all what you really want is viable information not filler.  Search for a reliable firm that has an extensive and diverse set of investigations that will cater to your specific situation or case.