Top 10 Details that Private Investigators Will Need from You

Top 10 Details to Provide Your Investigator to Get the Best Results for Your CaseProviding your private investigator with all the details that he needs is key to getting the best results for your case in Ohio. This is contrary to what we see in the movies wherein investigators take care of everything. In real life, you have to give him most of the information. This will not only save you a lot of time, money and effort, but more importantly, help you win your case.

Think of your details as pieces of a large jigsaw, with your private investigator as the puzzle solver. If you give him everything that he needs, he can no doubt put the jigsaw puzzle together, take note of the missing pieces to facilitate solution of your case.

What details does your private investigator need? Here they are:

  1. Your personal details. Upon hiring your private investigator, you will be given a form which you need to fill out accordingly. Be honest. The only way they can help you is by knowing the truth about you and your transactions.
  2. Your legal capacity. Your Ohio Private Investigators will need to know if you have the rights to enter certain contracts.
  3. Your mental state. It is very important to recall and detail the events that occurred before the crime or situation. Were you conscious of your actions? Do you know who committed the crime? Sharing this with your private investigator might enable him to create the right plan of action.
  4. Your whereabouts. You have to tell investigators where you were when the crime or situation happened. This will shed light to your case and help you win.
  5. The people involved in the crime or instance. Who were you with? What happened to that person? Where do you think he is right now? Remember that your private investigators need to cover all bases – including the possible whereabouts of the people you were with because they might be able to provide some valuable information about the crime.
  6. The manner by which you were arrested. Did the authorities force you to sign any document? Were you read your rights?
  7. Your side of the story. Be straightforward. Tell the people conducting private investigations the why, what, where, when, who and how based on your side of the story.
  8. The possible motive. Do you think the crime was a plot to frame you? What could be the possible reason behind the crime?
  9. Your pertinent records. Yes, this is the time when you need your most important documents – birth certificate, social security, etc. in some cases, even your bank and credit records might be necessary.
  10. Possible evidence. Were you accused of embezzlement? Then show any record you possess that prove your innocence. Private investigation services might be able to use those as evidence in court.

With the right details, your private investigators might be able to help you win your case.